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Alonissos is a special island gifted with non-identical natural beauty, as it pulses with mysterious sea caves, unlimited sandy beaches, revitalizing verdant sites and crystal clear waters. However, apart from its natural sites, Alonissos has amazing human creations, such as traditional houses, several churches and monasteries as well as other interesting sit es that lie under the unique insular mentality that veils all. 

Located in the heart of the famous Sporades Islands cluster , at the Aegean Sea, opposite the coastlines of Evia and Thessalia, the island of Alonissos, which is the largest island of the insular complex, covers an area of 64 m², a coastline of 64 km and has approximately 3.000 inhabitants. 

The island of Alonissos is mainly famous for the amazing sea park, the first in Greece, which hosts various rare animal species , offering them a heaven on earth. Furthermore, Alonissos, being a secluded island with natural beauties, is considered to be an ideal resort for combining peaceful holidays with natural living. 

Alonissos or Hora, which is the old capital of the island, is built on a hill at a distance of 20 minutes from the port . Patitiri, the new capital and port of the island, which is a town that has been declared scheduled, is a much-frequented resort thatpulses with tourism. 


Moreover, Votsi, a new settlement with lush verdure and sandy beaches, Steni Vala, a popular region with anchorage as well as the surrounding islets, are definitely worth a visit. 

If you are interested in spending your holidays in the heart of a peaceful and natural environment, visit the island of Alonissos is order to enjoy an unforgettable experience .



Historical and Popular Culture Museum

The Historical and Popular Culture Museum of Alonissos is in Patitiri and opened in 2001, under the supervision of Mr. Constantine Mavrikis. 
The first floor houses the war collection that includes military objects and arms, such as rifles, mines and ship armaments found on warships. The basement houses the Popular Culture collection and includes objects and exhibits from the life on Alonissos. 
Opening hours are 10 am to 7 pm.


Marine Park of Alonissos

In the area of Alonissos-N.sporades, have been established in 1992, the first National Marine Park of our country, that includes extensive islands and sea regions, of the broadness island complex of Alonissos, with particular natural, morphological and geographical characteristics. 
The purpose of the National Marine Park of Alonissos-N.sporades mainly is:

The protection, the maintaintion and management of nature and landscape, as a natural and valuable inheritance into extensive wasteland and Marine districts of North Sporades .

The protection one of the most important and endangered specie, the Meditteranean seal or Monachus-Monachus, that unfortunately is at the top on the list with other species, which are threaten with disappearence in Europe and the entire world. 
The protection of other rare and threatened species of the Flora and Fauna of the island.

The development of the area with the right use of the natural resources. The Park is not a shut area. It is an extensive, protectable area of a size of 2.200km about. The philosophy of the Park is the actual protection of the eco-system along with the growth of Alonissos, which is the only inhabitable island of the Park with out any violent intervensions.



At Kokkinokastro can be seen the remains of the ancient city walls, pot shards, tombstones and graves. It is thought that this is the site of ancient Ikos.

At Ai-Dimitris there are ruins of an unknown ancient city, and at Agios Petros there is a sunken byzantine ship (1200 A.D.).

On the island of Gioura you will find Cyclop's Cave, decorated with varicoloured stalactites and stalagmites.

Psathoura has remains of an ancient city, most of which lie submerged. The light-house on rocky Psathoura is one of the most powerful of the Aegean Sea .


Agios Demetrios (Saint Demetrios)

Located on the east coast of the island, about 10 km from Patitiri. Agios Demetrios is a long pebbly and sandy beach and is considered one of the best of Alonissos. You can engage in water sports here.

Ormos Votsi ( Votsi Bay )

Located about 5 km from Patitiri village, on the east coast of the island. Votsi Bay is the second biggest village on Alonissos after Patitiri. It is a pleasant pebbly beach and has some restaurants and cafes very close.

Roussoum Gyalos

On the east coast of the island, about 2 km from Patitiri. It is one of the most popular pebbly beaches of the island with clear waters. There are some cafe and taverns with fresh fish.

Steni Vala

At the village of Steni Vala , on the east side of the island, about 15 km from Patitiri. A pebbly beach, like most on Alonissos, with clear waters and some cafes and taverns in the area. Next to the beach, there is a picturesque little harbor.




Located on the east side of the island, about 15 km from Patitiri. A pebbly beach with clean waters, one of the most popular beaches of the island.

Kokkinokastro (Red Castle)

On the southeast coast of Alonissos , about 6 km from Votsi. A famous pebbly beach with crustal clear waters and the the ruins of a Mycenaean settlement nearby.

Leftos Gyalos

On the east coast of Alonissos , about 15 km from Patitiri. Leftos Gyalos is a pebbly beach and despite of the fact that most people consider it as one of the best beaches on the island, the water is a bit muddled. Access is easy by car. There is a restaurant and a cafe-bar on the beach.


Right below Old Chora of Alonissos, on the southwest coast. One of the best pebble-and-sand beaches of Alonissos, usually very quite.